About Us

uniqueAT are a leading provider of Architectural Visualisation Solutions to the global market. From Computer Generated Images (CGIs), Scale Models and Digital Animations, through to immersive Interactive Media solutions incorporating our unique graphics, we provide the ultimate platform of visualisation.

By utilising a diversity of technologies, our Interactive Visualisation Solutions are innovative, flexible, and can be fully customised to match our Clients’ requirements. This unique approach provides fully interactive multimedia presentations, on all modern devices.

uniqueAT are passionate about pioneering innovative solutions for multimedia presentations, and this creativity makes uniqueAT the architectural presentation partner of choice.

With over 35 years’ experience in Architectural Visualisation, we are an architect-led creative team that are passionate, diligent and discrete.  We believe we can make a positive difference in bringing your projects to life. Based in Dublin, alongside the EMEA Headquarters of some of the World’s largest IT companies, we offer our Clients visualisation tools that communicate the design concept in a cost effective manner.

Whatever your requirements are, from a one off CGI to a fully interactive 3D virtual tour, we would be delighted to provide a quotation.

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  • Jonathan Murray director
  • Jacek Rzepka director
  • Mariusz Sprysak director
  • Herman Badowski software developer
  • Jacek Janiszewski software developer
  • Gregory Willson architectural coordinator
  • Maciej Grzegorek flash developer and designer
  • Mihai Dersidan flash developer and designer

  • Simon Thomson 3D artist
  • Sonia Mates 3D artist
  • Andrzej Toborek graphic design
  • Aleksandra Fidos graphic design
  • Ruairi O’Connell UX and UI design
  • Tomas Kuczma model and kiosk development
  • Tomasz Senderak model and kiosk development
  • Alexandra Farber accounting & finance