unique interactive KIOSK for unique Architecture

The Interactive Architectural Kiosk

is a completely unique method for presenting a complex mixed use development. The iKiosk is the ultimate interactive architectural presentation system. It enables the user to take a virtual tour through the proposed development, displaying a comprehensive volume of information including graphics, images, videos, animations and text.

  • Fully Interactive real-time presentation system
  • Combines 2D and 3D for greater visual appeal
  • Increases Client engagement in understanding a complex development
  • Allows up-to-date information to be easily accessible
  • Features “Unit Finder” sales tool
  • Includes galleries, video, animation, and virtual tours

By contextualising the ideas and styles in a design, the iKiosk enables the user to quickly understand, and visualise, the scheme.

It is the ultimate selling tool for effectively communicating a development, as it enables the user to navigate around a 3D Model of the entire project. Incorporating uniqueAT’s “Unit Finder” module, the user can search for a unit or apartment based on specific or combined criteria; for example, the type, size or cost of a unit. The chosen unit that then be viewed via an interactive virtual tour.

By combining traditional CGI images, animations and 3D models, together with our unique interactive technologies, the iKiosk creates a virtual representation of a design that engages the user. Not only can the iKiosk demonstrate what a design will look like; it inspires confidence and credibility by enabling the user to touch, view, enter and experience a realistic visualisation of the design.

unique interactive KIOSK for unique Architecture