Apartment Finder sells your unique development

Apartment Finder sells your unique development

Interactive Apartment Finder

Our ‘Apartment Finder’ is a unique and innovative method to enable a potential investor to search for a suitable property. It is a powerful marketing tool that can be utilised across multiple sales channels.

Apartment Finder Features

  • Fully Interactive presentation system
  • Increases Client engagement in finding their ideal property
  • Has a positive impact on visualising and understanding the development
  • Enables up-to-date information to be immediately accessible
  • Includes galleries, video and animations where required
  • Creates a common platform for all site related information

Apartment Finder as a marketing tool

The ‘Apartment Finder’ Module can be incorporated across multiple forms of media adding easy to use and effective selling functionality into our multimedia marketing presentations:

  • Scale Models
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Websites
  • Tablet Apps

Apartment Finder Database

  • A single ‘Master Database’ platform provides data to all the applications that feature the ‘Apartment Finder’ Module
  • Amendments to the Master Database seamlessly flows to all relevant devices
  • Changes to the ‘Master Database’ are notified automatically to management via email
  • Creates a common platform for all site related information

User Friendly Admin Panel

The data for the ‘Apartment Finder’ Module is cloud-hosted in a user-friendly ‘Master Database’. This data is web-based, enabling the Marketing Team to manage and amend information about each unit within the development, from anywhere in the world.


Updates to the master database automatically feed down to all the applications that feature the ‘Apartment Finder’ Module, via the internet.


Additionally, as part of an audit trail, any changes made in the ‘Admin Panel’ are notified via an automated email to any relevant email addresses chosen by the Client.

Apartment Finder Cloud system

Scale Model with Apartment Finder

When combined with a Scale Model of a development, the search results enable the relevant units to light up on the model.
By choosing a search result, the relevant unit will remain lit on the Scale Model, enabling the user to easily locate their choice within the development. Floor plans, images and associated information can all be viewed on the tablet device.
The Apartment Finder can also be implemented on websites and standalone tablet apps, an ideal marketing tool for selling “off plan”.

unique cloud Apartment Finder

unique cloud Apartment Finder


Follow the link to learn more about how our unique Apartment Finder solution is being used by the leading international real estate developers, Cannon and Cannon, in their luxurious Berlin residential apartment project…