iModel | interactive Scale Model for unique Architecture

The Interactive Scale Model

combines traditional scale models with modern LED display screens, creating an interactive animated table. Controlled via an inbuilt touchscreen, a handheld tablet, or even by gesture, it enables the user to immediately understand the context of the development.

  • An engaging and captivating presentation method
  • Has visual impact
  • Provides multiple analysis tools
  • Effectively communicates the advantages of a site
  • Creates dialog
  • Demonstrates the visual identity of the design

The iModel can be connected to an adjacent screen, video wall or a projector, enhancing the multimedia effect by displaying relevant CGIs, Photomontages, interactive 360 degree Panoramas, Animations and Information Graphics. A voiceover can also be incorporated to accompany the visual displays, if required.

A key to the success of the iModel is its flexibility, in terms of the size of its operating device. The iModel can consist of a small mobile single screen device, through to large scale multi-screen systems with a video wall seamlessly attached. Utilizing unique and innovative 3D printing technology, we can produce scale models for this system in any shape, size, colour or texture.

The iModel is an innovative and interactive standalone installation, perfect to present at large events, exhibitions or in a marketing suite. By presenting both geographical content, together with customised content and analysis of multiple infrastructure, the iModel creates a fantastic opportunity to present all the concepts, analysis and advantages of a development in a highly engaging and captivating way.

This presentation system can also include:

Voice over narratives to accompany visual displays

Control panels via touch-screen, tablet, smart-phone or gesture

Wall screens or Projectors to display other synchronised information

Mobile versions as applications downloaded on the spot and taken away

iModel | interactive Scale Model for unique Architecture