July 2, 2013

uniqueAT concept for an interactive Scale Model

uniqueAT concept for an interactive Scale Model

Having developed media models for eight years, uniqueAT decided to change its approach to architectural scale models. The goal was to combine the advantages of traditional scale models with innovative new technologies, in order to both enhance and add value to the Client’s investment in their marketing tools.

The iModel is the result – a combination of 3D Printing, modern LED screens and interactive applications, offering a highly informative project analysis tool.

iModel is an innovative and interactive stand-alone installation, ideal to present at large events, exhibitions or in a marketing suite.  It creates a fantastic opportunity to showcase all the concepts, analyses and advantages of a development, in a highly engaging and captivating way.



the ultimate architectural interactive scale model

visit the iModel page to learn more about this new disruptive technology for presenting architectural scale models

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