February 19, 2021

Unique Interactive for museums

Unique Interactive for museums

We have launched a new website for our Unique Interactive Museums Design solutions www.unique-interactive.com.

Unique Interactive is a division of Unique AT www.uniqueAT.com that creates contemporary interactive virtual & physical exhibition design and interactive installations by combining spatial design quality and innovative interactive multimedia technology.

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In Unique Interactive we have been developing methods of engaging visitors to maintain their satisfaction, as an attempt to avoid the negative impact and cultural implications of lower visitor numbers. We have been exploring verity of different types of design strategy and technology over the years for interactive museums design. Out goal is to attract, engage, and retain visitors through a wide range of mediums. All for the purpose of spreading the passion, knowledge and skills of the past generations.

Interactive Multimedia for Museums

Our combined team experience in design, digital visual creations and software development drives our solutions to constantly introducing new ideas for spatial environments; combined with our ingenuity and skills in visual and interactive presentations, it allows us to create complex but user-friendly environments with a completely new techniques.

Interactive Multimedia for Museums

Our Unique Interactive solutions intrigue, teach, entertain, inspire and enlighten the user; they appeal to patrons and introduce a richer, more engaging, experience. The strategies for spatial design and interaction that we apply are always focusing on best Visitor Experience.

Considering multimodal character of desired interactions for multimedia installations we have also researched, design and develop variety of touchless interactive solutions using our inhouse developed frameworks for Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion and other IR camera-based gesture technology.

Interactive Multimedia for Museums

Our architect-led design team together with visual artistic team is always providing with stunning creations to support the design of exhibition space and its scientific, artistic or heritage theme with 2D traditional and 3D graphics, 3D reconstruction, motion graphics, animations and virtual reality experiences. We are proud of our Unique Team that was challenged in many project and have always provide with quality design and technological solutions. You are very welcome to visit our unique museums portfolio on www.unique-interactive.com

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smart museum guide app


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